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VMWorld – Day 2: The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

Started Tuesday with the Maritz/Herrod keynote.  I have to say that this was probably the best keynote I’ve seen at any of the VMWorlds. The message was relatively clear, they transitioned well from one topic to another and stuck with a common theme through all three speakers. It started with a short video “explaining” the concept …

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VMWorld 2009 Day 3: VMware vCloud Initiative

VMware’s initial focus for releasing the vCloud Initiative is to assist customers to bridge the current datacenter to the future Cloud.  150,000 customers are already standardizing on VMware, which has definitely prepared them for the this evolution.  VMware’s main focuses with their initiative are: Enterprise Ready, Choice and Application Compatibility.  All this is rolled up into the …

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The Cloud Has Landed

Well, today was the big day that all of us with VMware NDAs plastered all over our cube walls have been waiting for: The official launch of VMware vSphere 4 (and the lifting of a heavy gag order). There has been much going on today between the regular line up of expected blog posts and …

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