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My Guide to a Successful VDI Implementation, Part 2

In part one of this three part series, I covered the first five items I have found to help make VDI deployments successful.  Now let’s cover the final four items: Plan for future growth.  Don’t spend all the money up front.  Design the infrastructure for growth and budget for cyclical upgrades.  Perhaps you skimp on …

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My Guide to a Successful VDI Implementation, Part 1

I have recently wrapped up my most successful View deployment yet.  As I look back on the project and reflect on its success, I found this blog post writing itself.  In fact, it wrote itself so well, I plan on breaking it up into three different parts. Here are the first five items I have …

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ThinApp Deployment Options

I recently had a customer ask me about ThinApp deployment options.  I figured that it would make a worthwhile blog post, so here we go. There’s really three main ways to deploy a ThinApp package (with differences within each category).  Let me see how well I can explain them. Package location Description Execution Type App Registration Update approach …

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