Daily Archives: 2009-04-01

Updating SRM Server IP Address

I had to update the IP address of a VMware SRM server recently, but after the update, the SRM service wouldn’t start.  Of course…why should that be that simple?! Symptoms:   From %AppData%\VMware\VMware Site Recovery Manager\Logs\vmware-dr-x.log: [2009-03-25 15:50:20.800 ‘MainVcConnection’ 2024 info] VC Connection: Logging in as user ‘srm.service’ [2009-03-25 15:50:21.050 ‘MainVcConnection’ 2024 info] VC Connection: Logged …

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Registered for Partner Exchange and PTAB

Just registered for my sessions at VMware’s Partner Exchange conference in April.  This is kind of a mini-VMWorld for VMware partners…or so I assume, since I’ve never been to one.  The main reason I’ll be going is so I can attend the invitation-only Partner Technical Advisory Board (PTAB).  It’s an additional whole day of content before Partner Exchange.  I’m excited …

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