Partner Exchange Day 3: The vSphere Experience

Yesterday’s keynote started with Carl Eschenbach, VMware’s VP for Global Sales, who presented a series of improvements to the Partner Program.  Being a recent addition to the Partner community, I have felt some of the pains with the online access to Partner information, but have had little introduction to the program itself.  I have to admit to being very impressed with the changes they are making to the program.  Though most of the improvements will only be seen by the Partners, I think the agility and access to resources will be felt by the customers.  Very cool stuff.

The sessions I attended varied by content, but definitely had a focus directly on vSphere or preparing for vSphere.  There is so much to absorb, I think describing it as a fire hose drinking experience doesn’t do it justice.  Maybe drinking from a tidal wave?  A tsunami?  Either way, I expect to be doing a lot of vSphere upgrades in the next few years.

The best of the sessions was definitely Architecture Design for vSphere.  This session was a 4 hour session structured with an upfront presentation followed by 1.5 hours of design session with a group of 5-6 people and about 30 minutes of presentation, justification and discussion.  It was really great to be presented with a scenario, then work through the requirements with a group of experienced engineers.  The presenters also shared some established mins/maxes and best practices.  It was a great learning experience and I am planning on attending the same type of session for View this afternoon.

The party last night was very subdued compared to VMWorld parties.  I assume that is because we’re not “customers”, therefore not worthy of the big fancy party. J  It was a good time to kick back and relax and continue the good conversations.