VMWorld 2009 Day 5: Thursday

The last day of VMWorld started out a bit later due to a lack of a general session keynote.  This was a nice break after the VMWorld Party.  I started off with a quick bite to eat and then sat down to study for my VCP test until my vExpert booth duty.  After booth duty, I cruised the Solutions Expo some more having notable conversations with PanoLogic, Vizioncore, Transxition and Lakeside.  Then came lunch and my last session for the year (vCenter ConfigControl), which was informative, but didn’t show much of the product itself.  Finally, I headed over to take my VCP4 test (I passed!).  The test was challenging, but covered a good amount of the basics that haven’t changed dramatically since VI3, so some of the questions took no effort at all.

Watch for one more post where I’ll wrap up my final thoughts on the conference.