UCS Boot Camp – Day 3

Had dinner in Palo Alto with a couple of VMware folks tonight, so tonight’s post will be a little short.  Hopefully this will be enough notes for my classmates:

Service Profile assignment is confusing when slot and server are used interchangeably

No power zones, Cisco still studying to determine if truly efficient

An icon to indicate current power state would be nice

No way to change power state from KVM console

Assigned MAC address use a Cisco Vendor ID by default

No predefined WWNN or MACs like Virtual Connect (can create global pools/range)

Same cursor mismatch issue as with iLO

Server pools will need to change the way servers are owned, used and allocated.  No more, “I own that server.”

Good discussion around business implications of UCS features, specifically pool allocation of Service Profiles

You can have more profiles associated with a pool then it has physical assets

Built on BMC BladeLogic .  Utilize that knowledge/history.  UCSM is OEM version of Blade Logic

Issue: Cannot migrate SP between Menlo and Palo due to incompatible drivers

3 Responses so far.

  1. Rodos says:
    Are you sure that UCSM is an OEM version of blade logic? There is a version of Blade Logic that is OEMed with UCS but thats different.
  2. knudt says:
    That was how I understood it, but let me clarify today.
  3. knudt says:
    I clarified today that parts of the underlying logic has been licensed from BMC, but the interface and some logic is Cisco produced. In fact we had a very deep discussions about how locales work and why they are doing it the way they are. There is an OEM’d version of BladeLogic that can be bought with UCS to provide the "Manager of Managers" functionality.