Omaha VMUG Planning

For those of you in Omaha and surrounding areas, I’d like to you to mark off March 24, 2010 on your calendars.

My company is teaming up with CoSentry and the Omaha-Area VMUG team to sponsor the next VMUG meeting on that day and I’m currently in the heavy planning and implementation phases for it.  It’s going to be a great one, and possibly the biggest one yet for the Omaha VMUG.  We’re working on providing hands-on labs, presentations, architecting/whiteboarding sessions and plenty of networking opportunities.  We’ll also have lots of great Engineering talent available to answer questions.

It’s difficult and rewarding work, which is hard to balance with lots of new opportunities popping up this year, but it’s going to be totally awesome for everyone.

The VMUGs are intended to be technical meeting grounds for the VMware user community, not a place for sales pitches.  We respect that mantra and are doing it to be a contributing member of the VMware community in Omaha, not to sell you stuff.

Please try and make it.  Keep an eye out on the VMUG Event Page or let me know for more details as they become available.  I look forward to seeing you there (even if you work for a competitor)!



Oh…and there’ll be free food and prizes to give away.