My New Writing Career

Obviously there has been a lack of posts lately.  For that I apologize.

The main reason I haven’t been blogging much lately is that I’ve been doing a lot of freelance writing.  I realized I haven’t been talking about these articles much on my blog, so I figured now was as good a time as any to make up for it.  I have been getting paid for these (good for me), but they are available for you at no cost (good for you).

Here are the articles I have had published so far.  My intention is to publish a blog post on this site the same day any future articles are published:


How Virtualization Saves Time


My professional writing career started with what so far has been my proudest moment: an article picked up and published on  The article was commissioned by VMware to lay out, in non-VMware specific terms, how virtualization improves the efficiency of SMB IT shops.  It was a fun article to write and has helped me to better articulate the message to my SMB customers.

Change management considerations for a VMware View deployment


My first article for was a topic that I deal with frequently in my daily job: VMware View.  I focused on the business aspects of introducing View, specifically the affects on the job roles of the server and desktop administrators.,289483,sid179_gci1517454_mem1,00.html


Forget Facebook — VMUG is virtualization’s social-networking king


As some of you may know, I co-founded the Omaha-Area VMware Users Group back in 2006 and led the group until 2008 when I started working for a VMware partner (thus making me ineligible to lead the group).  I have always been a big supporter of the VMUG program, and still stay in contact with several VMUG leaders and VMUG staff at VMware.  I put this passion and experience into my most recent article for where I discussed the most recent developments in the VMUG program.,289142,sid179_gci1520883,00.html


I have really enjoyed these experiences, so I hope you enjoy these articles as much as my (semi)regular blog posts.  While they have stolen some of my normal blogging time, I think they have definitely upped the caliber of my writing.  I don’t expect to make a career out of writing, but there are several more in the pipeline right now, so stay tuned…