The Neuroblastoma Cookbook Contest

I was recently contacted by a good friend of mine (some of you may even know her) whose son went through treatment for Neuroblastoma a couple of years ago.  It’s a nerve-racking form of cancer that primarily affects infants and toddlers. I won’t go into all the details of the disease, since you can read more here or easily Google it.

The message she sent (the text is below) was a request to contribute to a new fundraiser I found very interesting and innovative.  They’re collecting recipes to create a cookbook that they will sell at the end of the month and provide all the proceeds to the Neuroblastoma Foundation to help find a cure.

Given the unique and innovative approach they have come up with, I have decided to create a contest to help drive more submissions to this fundraiser.  It’s a simple contest: submit a recipe here in honor of Nathan Shely, and then send me an email at with your name, address and the recipe. Submitting it with Nathan’s name is important so I can cross check your email with an actual submission.  Whichever person submits the recipe my wife and I like the best will be sent a free copy of the cookbook when it’s released.

Pretty easy thing to do for a good cause, huh?

The big catch is that submissions will only be accepted until this Friday, November 12th, so go out and do it right now. Many little kids and unfortunate parents will appreciate it.


Hello Everyone


I am asking everyone I know for their help.  As you may know, my son is now in his 2nd year of remission from Neuroblastoma Cancer. One of the main foundations that raises money for research has called upon me for help. Each year we put together the cookbook in an effort to raise funding for important Neuroblastoma research projects and this year is no different.  In fact, we believe the clinical trial selected as the beneficiary for this year’s research funding is the most important and critical research project we have ever had the opportunity to fund.  There is no doubt that it will save lives and we are hopeful that it will also significantly reduce toxicity.


All the proceeds from the sale of this cookbook will be donated to the research foundation. If you have a recipe that you could submit for this cookbook, I would greatly appreciate your help.


You can submit your recipes online here:


This is for a great cause.  If you submit your recipe, please submit it in Honor of Nathan Shely.


Please hurry, Friday, November 12th, 2010 will be the last day we will be accepting recipes for this year’s cookbook.  I know this is soon, but it only takes a moment to click on that URL and submit one recipe. Please take the time, it’s important to help find a cause for such an awful disease.



Jodi Shely