VMUndergound PEX 2011 WuPaaS – Epcot Beer Tour

Anyone interested in a Warm-up Party before Partner Exchange this year?  If so, we might have you covered.

We had pretty much decided not to do a VMUnderground party at PEX, but one innocent tweet about beer at Epcot by Theron led us into a mad rush of planning and has resulted in this:

Date: Monday, Feb 7

Time: 6-9 (when Epcot closes)

Place to meet: Meet in main lobby of Coronado Springs at 6pm – watch the #PEX2011BEER hashtag on Twitter for more details

What we are doing: Epcot beer tour – drink up!


It’s a very informal get-together where we’ll be heading over to Epcot’s World Showcase to do a quick tour of beers (or whatever your drink of choice is) from around the world.

We were lucky enough to work quick deals with three sponsors:





What they’ll cover is entrance into Epcot for the first 25 people who register here:

PEX 2011 Beer Registration

If you don’t happen to be one of the first 25, you’re still welcome to join us, but you will have to pay your own way into Epcot ($50/person for an after 4p pass if you’re with the conference).  Everyone will be on their own purchasing drinks once we’re in the park, but hey, you’re getting into EPCOT!!  How cool is that!  All the sponsors ask for in return is one of your business cards.  So come equiped with 3 of your business cards, your PEX badge (you don’t need to wear it the whole nite) and a little bit of scatch for your drinks.

Thanks again to our sponsors @TrainSignal@LiquidwareLabs and @XangatiPress for helping us arrange this last minute.  An extra big thanks to @davidmdavis for going the extra mile in helping us slap it all together.