Omaha VMUG Twitter Contest

To all Omaha VMUG Members-

I’d like to invite you to Twitter.  I’m sure you’ve heard about this tool, but I don’t think many of you are participating.  What you may not know is how much value there is in this tool for virtualization admins and architects.  There are some great discussions going on out there, and I want to see more of the Omaha virtualization community being a part of it.  To this end, I’m going to offer up some copies of Duncan Epping & Frank Denneman’s new book: “vSphere 4.1 HA and DRS Technical Deepdive” to those in Omaha that I see doing the best at joining the virtualization Twitter community over the next three months (winners to be announced at the next Omaha VMUG meeting).

So why am I proposing this?  I feel very strongly in supporting and encouraging communities, because we’re all better when we help one another.  That’s why we created the VMUG in the first place!  Worldwide, there is a very strong virtualization community on Twitter, the blogs and the VMTN Communities, but here in Omaha we only seem to be a community once a quarter.  I want those great conversations at our meetings to continue the rest of the year.  I think it also enhances the conversations during the meetings.

Now, you may view Twitter as just being a goof-off place like the chat rooms of yore or as a place that people like to share their every meal.  To be honest, both happen, but there is also a lot of serious conversation and news delivery going on out there.  Friendships develop.  Get-togethers (aka “Tweet-ups”) are organized.  People help one another.  Companies, polititians, comedians, and celebraties (and whatever you consider Charlie Sheen to be right now) are active on Twitter as well.  If you follow the right accounts, then you won’t be bombarded with the minutia of everyday life.  There are many Twitter guides (1,2,3,4) out there if you want to maximize the value of Twitter.

So here’s the contest:

1. Sign up for Twitter (if you’re not already).

2. Let myself (@bknudtson), Jodi Shely (@rytalws), Jon Fagan (@gjfagan), Doug Thomsen (@dathomsen) and Sheng Sheen (@shengsheen) know you’ve signed up.  Be original and grab our attention.

3. Follow my Omaha Virtualizers Twitter list and some of the well established virtualization personalities (two good lists: 1,2), but ultimately you should follow those who provide the most value to you.  Start with these lists, then add/remove from there.  You can also look at who other people follow, so check out those lists.  I personally groom my list on a regular basis.

4. Join the discussions.  Don’t be afraid to ask a question directly to a subject matter expert.  The community is VERY inviting and willing to help anyone.  Feel free to answer questions others pose too.

I’m not going to define how many books will be given out, because I want to recognize all who deserve it.  You will earn one by being active over the next three months.  It doesn’t have to be every day (even I don’t pull that off), but it should be fairly regular.  Extra credit will be given for participating with other Omaha VMUG members (the goal is to build up our local community after all), but we also want to see participation with non-Omaha people.

Ultimately, enjoy the experience.  If its not for you, then don’t do it.  But if you make it a part of your daily routine (download a client at work, at home and on your smartphone), then you will likely be sucked in.  If you’re looking at heading out to VMWorld this year, then I HIGHLY encourage you to participating in this contest.

Questions?  Contact me.  Preferrably on Twitter, but email, comments below, this forum thread, or the contact form on this site are okay as well.