VMware View Administration Training Announcement

First I must start by apologizing to those of you who watch my blog regularly for my lack of posts lately. Not that it really has affected your life in any negative way, but I still feel bad since I view it as a commitment that I’ve failed to maintain.

Obviously writing for TechTarget has taken some of the steam out of this blog, but the thing that has really hurt the blog lately is my latest project: writing and recording the VMware View Administration Training video training series for TrainSignal.  This series is dedicated to the installation, configuration and management of VMware View. It also covers all the topics needed to study for VMware’s new VCA4-DT certification.

I took the beta version of the VCA4-DT exam at VMware’s Partner Exchange conference back in February.  Afterwards, I was discussing it with TrainSignal’s David Davis and he mentioned they were working on a video series aimed at the exam.  Since I’ve done a LOT with View in the last three years, I offered him any help they might need in building that course.  No more than two weeks later, I received a call from TrainSignal asking if I would be interested in putting the course together myself.  What an honor to get the entire thing tossed to you!

My biggest concern was the amount of time creating an 8-10 hour video training series would take, but after discussions with my wife, we decided it was a worthwhile endeavor, so I signed on the dotted line.

After almost 3 months of long nights and a few PTO days from the day job, the video is now off to the presses and will be officially released on July 6th!  You can view a sample of the series here on YouTube.

I’ve done it on Twitter already, but I want to send my special thanks to David Davis for helping arrange this opportunity, Matt Elias for offering it to me and to Brian Green who had to wade through way more hours of video than I care to remember.

It was definitely a rewarding experience, one that I hope tobe invited back to do again.  If you get the opportunity to view any of these videos, please let me know what you think.