HP at VMware Partner Exchange

HP provided myself, along with another four social media darlings, an all expenses paid trip to VMware’s Partner Exchange conference (more coming on that).  As part of the trip, I attended the HP Boot Camp this year.  Given the fact that there wasn’t an NDA required and the fact that I work for an HP Elite partner, the content wasn’t anything new for me, but it was interesting to see it all together in one long blast.  Would’ve been even more interesting if we could have had a private boot camp where we could dig in deeper to the details.

Having worked with HP my entire career, the last five in a sales/implementation capacity, I have always been happy with the ProLiant line (even back into the Compaq days).  The network products are obviously a growing business for HP, and one they are doing pretty well with.  Storage…well…they’ve had their ups and downs, but I think they’re on an up right now.  The HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 is a very competitive product line and I’m excited as a partner to use it in my solutions.

All three divisions have their own issues, but the converged infrastructure team’s mission is to bring them together to create unique and useful solutions.  A very interesting market right now and I really do think HP is well positioned with the proper understanding of the individual components and a good vision to put it all together.  Where HP has honestly been lacking lately is the ability to execute, both quickly and definitively.  It’s a rapid market out there and that vision has to translate into quick product development that is solid from the beginning and solves true business needs.

The cool part about the sponsored trip was a one hour (could’ve gone for two hours) private meeting with HP, VMware and the five bloggers that HP sponsored.  We had a very frank conversation about how HP can better engage the social media community.  Another great vision for HP’s future.  Hopefully they can execute on it and start to build a community as strong as the one VMware has been able to build.

A great trip. One that I am honored to have been invited into.

Big thanks to the HP/VMware alliance teams, the HP converged infrastructure team and Calvin Zito for providing me this opportunity.