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VMware View Administration Training Announcement

First I must start by apologizing to those of you who watch my blog regularly for my lack of posts lately. Not that it really has affected your life in any negative way, but I still feel bad since I view it as a commitment that I’ve failed to maintain. Obviously writing for TechTarget has taken …

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Latest Published Article – An Overview of VMware Desktop Certifications

VMware desktop virtualization certifications: An overview 4/28/2011 VMware has created a new line of desktop certifications based around View.

Reflections on the VCP4-DT Beta Exam

Tonight I sat the beta exam for the second of VMware’s series of certifications for the enterprise desktop, the VCP4-DT.  This exam is designed to test your knowledge of View and the infrastructure needed to support it. One of the requirements to attain the VCP4-DT is a VCP4, so there isn’t much about the vSphere …

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Omaha VMUG Twitter Contest

To all Omaha VMUG Members- I’d like to invite you to Twitter.  I’m sure you’ve heard about this tool, but I don’t think many of you are participating.  What you may not know is how much value there is in this tool for virtualization admins and architects.  There are some great discussions going on out there, …

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Partner Exchange 2011 – Days 4 & 5

Thursday was another day of meetings, including a great meeting with part of our VMware partner team where we got into a deep discussion about our cloud strategy.  There was also a great deal of work completed toward the VMWorld 2011 VMUnderground party.  It is going to be a great party!  More to come on …

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Partner Exchange 2011 – Day 3

Partner Exchange this year had 3300 attendees (up from about 2800 last year). Keynote on Wednesday started straight in with Paul Maritz, where he announced the Partner ecosystem account for $45 billion of revenue.  The big message this year is that when migrating to a cloud architecture, it’s important to support existing inefficient apps (crapplications …

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Partner Exchange 2011 – Day 2

My second day at Partner Exchange started in the EMC Bootcamp session.  There were many cool topics covered, a couple of which were “turn off the cameras” cool.  One of EMC’s long term goals is to reduce both price and complexity of their products.  This has manifested in the creation of Unisphere and the VNXe …

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Partner Exchange 2011 – Day 1

I started my first full day at Partner Exchange in the HP Partner Bootcamp.  I’ll save you some of the more salesy/marketing information.  They started by covering some details of the infrastructure they helped build for the new Cowboys stadium.  It involves a multisite 100TB EVA, 16 BL480 blades supporting 747 POS terminals and is …

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My VCAP-DCD Experience

I passed my second VCAP exam! I found myself writing this post while taking the exam, so I figured I should probably go ahead and put it down in bits. The exam has been well described by several others, so I won’t duplicate that.  What I will add is my preparations and own thoughts. 1. …

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VMUndergound PEX 2011 WuPaaS – Epcot Beer Tour

Anyone interested in a Warm-up Party before Partner Exchange this year?  If so, we might have you covered. We had pretty much decided not to do a VMUnderground party at PEX, but one innocent tweet about beer at Epcot by Theron led us into a mad rush of planning and has resulted in this: Date: …

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