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HP Storage Tech Day

I was recently (two weeks ago) lucky enough to be invited to attend an HP Storage Tech Day.  It was a great opportunity to learn some great tech and network with some great people. I had every intention of getting this post out earlier (honestly!), but the day job and other engagements have kept me beyond busy.  At …

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Accessing a PCoIP Session From vSphere Console

I just discovered an unadvertised new feature with View 5, that I felt was worthy of taking some time to break my four month drought of blog posts. (Yeah, before VMWorld. What can I say, I’ve been busy).  What shocked me is that this is a feature that my customers almost always ask about.  The feature …

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Managing Your Virtualization Environment

As organizations find their server infrastructures become mostly virtualized and start virtualizing their desktops, they come to realize that vSphere alone is not enough to manage and troubleshoot this environment.  That’s why you see so many ISVs offering solutions in this space, and why VMware has finally jumped into the fray with vCenter Operations.  I’ve been a big fan of vCOps …

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VMunderground Ticket Release

Today is the day folks!  At 6pm CDT (that’s covers Chicago, Dallas & Kansas City, as well as Omaha, Des Moines and Bloomington, IL) the VMunderground crew will release 225 tickets for our Mother of All vBeers event at VMWorld 2011 in Las Vegas.  Those of you who have been to one of the previous …

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vSphere 5 Desktop Edition

I alluded to this in my previous post, but it seems that no one else has picked up on it yet, so I figured I might as well write up the first post on the subject. People familiar with the VMware View Bundles know about a special license of vSphere that comes as part of …

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VMware vSphere 5

If you hadn’t noticed, VMware announced vSphere 5 on 7/12.  The announcement was well handled and I enjoyed watching the first hour.  The follow-up sessions weren’t working in my browser, so I wasn’t able to attend any of those, but I ended up spending a lot of time on Twitter and VMware’s sites looking into …

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vExpert 2011

I’m most happy and pleased to announce my acceptance back into the vExpert community for yet another year. It’s been a great program that I’ve had the honor to be involved in for all three years it’s existed.  It’s grown over those years and now includes some really great benefits. Big thanks go out to John Troyer who …

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VMware View Administration Training Announcement

First I must start by apologizing to those of you who watch my blog regularly for my lack of posts lately. Not that it really has affected your life in any negative way, but I still feel bad since I view it as a commitment that I’ve failed to maintain. Obviously writing for TechTarget has taken …

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Latest Published Article – An Overview of VMware Desktop Certifications

VMware desktop virtualization certifications: An overview 4/28/2011 VMware has created a new line of desktop certifications based around View.

Reflections on the VCP4-DT Beta Exam

Tonight I sat the beta exam for the second of VMware’s series of certifications for the enterprise desktop, the VCP4-DT.  This exam is designed to test your knowledge of View and the infrastructure needed to support it. One of the requirements to attain the VCP4-DT is a VCP4, so there isn’t much about the vSphere …

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