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Picky Flex-10 SFP+ Connectors

I discovered this last week that Cisco SFP+ cables will not work with HP’s Flex-10 modules.  They are recognized by Virtual Connect, but are listed as “incompatible.” Fortunately, the Cisco Nexus 5000’s are not as picky and will recognize and use the HP SFP+ cables just fine.

UCS Boot Camp – Day 5

The last day of boot camp went at a nice (relatively) slow pace, but not any less mind-bending.  We started with an open-ended lab where our goal was to get ESX up and running on our blades.  The process was pretty easy (as it should have been at this point).  The interface doesn’t make it entirely intuitive, but isn’t difficult …

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UCS Boot Camp – Day 4

Our first lesson for today was on multitenancy, or setting up the UCS for multiple administrative users.  The first step to delegating authority and setting up Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) is to create an organizational chart.  This organization doesn’t need to match any company hierarchies, but should make sense on how you will delegate …

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UCS Boot Camp – Day 3 (The Real Deal)

Sorry about the fake post last night.  Several classmates were introduced to my blog today and apparently they were so impressed with my posts from the first two days that they are now relying on my posts to be their notes.  So I had to pull a practicle joke on them. 😉 Today was also big day for Twitter. …

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UCS Boot Camp – Day 3

Had dinner in Palo Alto with a couple of VMware folks tonight, so tonight’s post will be a little short.  Hopefully this will be enough notes for my classmates: Service Profile assignment is confusing when slot and server are used interchangeably No power zones, Cisco still studying to determine if truly efficient An icon to …

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UCS Boot Camp – Day 2

Today we started with a brief discussion around Cisco’s C-Series rack mount servers.  They are based on the technology used in the B-Series blades, including the Fabric Interconnects and presumably (this is an educated guess on my part) the entire Service Profile model.  They will have an optional CAN called Monterey Park which will provide the same functionality as the Palo …

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UCS Boot Camp – Day 1

I have been given the distinct privilege of being able to attend an exclusive partners-only boot camp training put on by Cisco for their UCS system (Cisco’s blade implementation). Like Scott Lowe, Rich Brambley and Rodney Haywood, I will be blogging my thoughts and technical details (along with the occasional tweet).  I may skip past many technical details simply due to the fact …

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