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Setting up SRM on CX4-120

One of the labs we’re creating for the upcoming Omaha-Area VMUG is SRM.  It is posing some interesting challenges.  The biggest challenge is figuring out how to best provide a lab to 15 pairs of people without creating 30 sites.  We will cut some corners on that issue by having the instructor perform some of the core tasks like pairing sites …

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Updating SRM Server IP Address

I had to update the IP address of a VMware SRM server recently, but after the update, the SRM service wouldn’t start.  Of course…why should that be that simple?! Symptoms:   From %AppData%\VMware\VMware Site Recovery Manager\Logs\vmware-dr-x.log: [2009-03-25 15:50:20.800 ‘MainVcConnection’ 2024 info] VC Connection: Logging in as user ‘srm.service’ [2009-03-25 15:50:21.050 ‘MainVcConnection’ 2024 info] VC Connection: Logged …

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