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VCAP-DTD Experience

Way back when 2013 was still shiny and new (January 3 to be specific) I was lucky enough to take the beta version of the new VCAP-DTD exam.  Now that the exam has gone production, I figured I’d share my experience taking the exam with all of you. The VCAP-DTD is the desktop (read: VMware View + …

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Accessing a PCoIP Session From vSphere Console

I just discovered an unadvertised new feature with View 5, that I felt was worthy of taking some time to break my four month drought of blog posts. (Yeah, before VMWorld. What can I say, I’ve been busy).  What shocked me is that this is a feature that my customers almost always ask about.  The feature …

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vSphere 5 Desktop Edition

I alluded to this in my previous post, but it seems that no one else has picked up on it yet, so I figured I might as well write up the first post on the subject. People familiar with the VMware View Bundles know about a special license of vSphere that comes as part of …

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Latest Published Article – An Overview of VMware Desktop Certifications

VMware desktop virtualization certifications: An overview 4/28/2011 VMware has created a new line of desktop certifications based around View.

Reflections on the VCP4-DT Beta Exam

Tonight I sat the beta exam for the second of VMware’s series of certifications for the enterprise desktop, the VCP4-DT.  This exam is designed to test your knowledge of View and the infrastructure needed to support it. One of the requirements to attain the VCP4-DT is a VCP4, so there isn’t much about the vSphere …

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Latest Published Article – Profile management alternatives for VMware View 4.5

Profile management alternatives for VMware View 4.5 12/6/2010 Advice around the final, but not least important, piece of the VDI puzzle: Profile management.,289483,sid179_gci1524307,00.html

Latest Published Article – VMware View management: Four irritating obstacles

VMware View management: Four irritating obstacles 11/2/2010 Four tips on managing your VMware View environment.,289483,sid179_gci1522553,00.html

Latest Published Article – VMware View 4.5: Three easy installation tips

VMware View 4.5: Three easy installation tips 10/13/2010 Three quick tips to help plan a successful View deployment.,289483,sid179_gci1521664,00.html

My New Writing Career

Obviously there has been a lack of posts lately.  For that I apologize. The main reason I haven’t been blogging much lately is that I’ve been doing a lot of freelance writing.  I realized I haven’t been talking about these articles much on my blog, so I figured now was as good a time as …

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My Guide to a Successful VDI Implementation, Part 3

Sorry for the delay in posting this last part, but vacation took priority.  To finish the series out (part 1 here, part 2 here), I want to provide you with a short list of things not to do.  These are the things I’ve seen customers not do properly that eventually come back to haunt us …

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