I am a firm believer of disclosing who you are and any biases you might have when stating opinions on a subject. I also believe that, to most people, perception is reality. The intention of this page is to state anything about my professional career that could lead to biases, layout any real biases I have, and generally let everyone know where I stand (at least in a general sense).

First off, on this site, I speak only for myself. Any positive opinions I have of the below companies are either coincidence or are more of a cause then an effect (example: I work only for/with companies I already like, not the other way around).

Paid jobs (feel free to see my LinkedIn page for more detail):

  • Inacom Information Systems
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Nebraska
  • Vital Support Systems/OneNeck IT Solutions
  • SimpliVity
  • iland

Freelancer/contract jobs:

  • VMware (article published on Forbes.com)
  • TechTarget
  • TrainSignal/PluralSight

Major gifts have been received from:

  • VMware
  • HP/HPE

Vendors I have worked closely with as a partner:

  • HP/HPE
  • EMC
  • VMware
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • Citrix
  • LiquidWare Labs
  • SimpliVity
  • Veeam
  • Zerto

Generally speaking, I am a fan of all the companies listed above, which is why I’ve worked and/or partnered with them.  I definitely do not agree with every thing every one of them has done, but have overall been a fan of their products and people.

While some have paid me or gifted me in encouragement (think blogger junkets) to speak or write about them, they have always been my own words and perspectives (good and bad).  To their credit, anything negative (or not positive) they have handled gracefully and without request for redaction.

One last time for good measure: The content on this site is all my own and was not prescribed by anyone else.

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