Lillian’s senior year has been severely impacted due to distance learning enacted in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her final track season and traditional events like prom have all been cancelled, and her graduation ceremony has been postponed to August 1 (hopefully in-person, but likely as a virtual event). If possible, we may plan a traditional in-person celebration at the end of the summer, but in order to celebrate and honor her achievement with all of her loved ones, we have created this site to share her successes and our memories.

Below you’ll find a lot of pictures and videos we want to share with you. The pictures can be clicked on to see a bigger version, see our comments, and add your own comments. You can use the “Select Tag” option to filter the pictures to specific categories. The videos are on YouTube, where you can leave comments. You can also leave general comments at the end of the page.

We’ll be adding more going forward, so come back to see more and see other people’s comments. We’d love to see your favorite pictures and hear your favorite memories! Please either add a comment on this page and/or upload a video or picture.

Lilly’s Destination Imagination Performances

DI has been a big part of Lilly’s life for 5 years from 5th to 9th grades. They did extremely well, making it to Global Finals their 1st and 4th years.

An impromptu performance by Lilly’s DI team at Global Finals (and yes, Ben and Joey are wearing the girls’ tutus 😄).
Lilly’s second year at the Regional tournament
Lilly’s third year at one of their practices
Lilly’s third year performance at the Affiliate Finals tournament
Lilly’s fourth year at the Regional tournament
Lilly’s final DI performance was at the Affiliate Finals in 2017. It was a three part challenge. This is part 1.
Lilly’s final DI performance was at the Affiliate Finals in 2017. It was a three part challenge. This is part 2.
Lilly’s final DI performance was at the Affiliate Finals in 2017. It was a three part challenge. This is part 3.

Fun in the Dominican Republic for Mission Trips

Lilly participated in two mission trips to the DR in the summers of 2017 and 2018. It was a very meaningful opportunity for her.

It was America’s Independence Day but Dominicans love to party no matter the occasion. They helped us feel better about missing out on the festivities.
Real life fruit ninja. With machetes. Probably not the smartest idea, but it was fun!
Jarabacoa was a beautiful city. Lilly recorded lots of videos of nothing much while riding in the truck.
Maddie was holding the camera and we thought she was taking a picture, but it was a video.
This was the day before we left the DR. It was pretty cold but the water didn’t look as bad in person as it does in the video. The current was strong and some kids lost their shoes in the water so they had to hike back up to the truck barefoot.
Game that we played both years in the DR.

Family Vacations

We love taking vacations together, usually based around nature.

A relaxing mountain stream in Glacier National Park in 2017
Maddie and Lilly pretending to be sandpipers on a beach in California in 2019


Lilly has participated in band for many years and has enjoyed it a lot.

Timpani solo on May 2, 2015
May 17, 2015
Jazz band Christmas tour on Dec 8, 2015
Jazz band performance at Soup and Salad Supper on Feb 22, 2016
Timpani Solo on April 30, 2016
Parade at Adventureland on June 6, 2016
Marching band on Aug 28, 2016
Timpani solo on Feb 17, 2018
Sideline drum line on Sept 7, 2018
Marching band on Oct 12, 2018
More marching band on Oct 12, 2018
Sideline drum line on Oct 12, 2018
Concert band on Nov 27, 2018
Nebraska Wesleyan Honor Band concert on Feb 9, 2019
Nebraska Wesleyan Honor Band concert on Feb 9, 2019
Timpani solo on April 12, 2019
(clearly Lilly loves playing the timpani)
Sideline drum line on Sept 27, 2019
Sideline drum line on Oct 25, 2019
Feb 15, 2020

Sporting with Lilly

Running and jumping. Two of Lilly’s favorite high school activities.

Starting the state cross country race in 2017
At the District Track Meet on May 10 2018

School Adventures

We were down in San Antonio for National FBLA. We got off the plane the first day and went straight for Sea World. It rained a lot that day so the show was pushed off for a long time, but it was worth the wait.

Other Family Fun

A fun day to end the school year at Arbor Park on May 16, 2013
Lilly got her own drum set for Christmas in 2013
For Easter 2014, Grandma Knudtson got a piñata for the kids. Lilly took out some rage on that poor chick.
Still amazed they allowed us to record this.
We had a pie in the face competition at Great Grandma Wehr’s Christmas celebration in 2015
Have balloons, will talk funny.
Who doesn’t love talking with helium?

We love you Lillian, and are so very proud of all you’ve done!

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8 Responses so far.

  1. Sammie Ginger says:
    You and your wife have raised such and accomplished daughter. You are so blessed. Congratulations to Lillian!! Best of luck in all that you do!

    –With love from Massachusetts!—
    The Grillo Family

  2. Katie Mines says:
    Lillian these pictures and videos are such fun to see, what a great blog in your honor. Many reasons to smile your beautiful smile. Congratulations on your graduation from BHS.
  3. Hilary Jantzi says:
    Lillian!! Hey sweetie. Congrats on your graduation. I know that this was not at all how you’d planned it to be. Darn COVID!
    We all miss you and hope to see you soon!
  4. Jozi, Phil, Brynn, and Connor says:
    Congratulations Lilly! So proud of you, and hope to see you before you run off to college! Love you!
  5. Lori Strohm says:
    Hi, Lilly. It’s been so fun looking through all your photos & videos. Such an accomplished young lady with so much more to share with the world in the future. I pray that God blesses your journey throughout college and adulthood. It was such a joy to observe and watch you grow in the HAL classroom as well as prepare together for Battle of the Books and Quiz Bowl competitions. You always approached every situation with enthusiasm and eagerness….making the experience joyful for all involved, including me! So thank you!
    I especially enjoyed the sandpiper video at the beach with Maddie. I have a walking loop here by our new home in Ashland named Sandpiper Lane. I will forever think of you on that beach as I head down that road on my daily walk. Made me smile! Love to you and all of your family members! Enjoy this weird and wacky graduation season. Mrs. Strohm
  6. Makayla Baughman says:
    Lillian I am going to miss you so much!! I really wished we had another track season together. I loved talking to you at meets, you are such a nice person to be around. You were always someone I looked up to. I am going to miss you greatly. Keep up all your hard work. You are going far in life!
  7. carol rosenau says:
    Hey Lilly!

    So fun to look through these photos and videos. I knew you were a percussionist , but missed your focus on the timpani! That is Sam’s principal instrument too! Thank you so much for the sweet note and especially the photo. It will go on my board to remind me to pray for you this next year. I don’t know what it will look like, but God has a great plan for you!

  8. Amy Murray says:
    Hi Lillian, (I tried to email you, but your school email is gone now)
    Congratulation on the BHS History Student of the Year Award, I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving. Along with the award, comes a check from Washington County Museum and a certificate. They have it ready and would love for you to come out there to get it. Since they sponsor the award they love to meet the students who receive it. The lady you will want to talk to is named Julie (I forgot her last name). She asked if you would call ahead of time since they are busy with some activities at Fort Atkinson this week.
    Again, congratulations and good luck this year at college!!